Film locations casino royale

Film locations casino royale casino fiesta henderson

First on the schedule were the scenes on the Madagascar building site, shot in the Bahamas on the site of a derelict hotel which Michael G.

Bond leaves hotel in Venice to lications Vesper, who disappeared with stolen money. The construction site was an abandoned hotel site at Coral Harbour on New Providence Island that was under construction 30 years ago. Vesper is traumatised by the encounter, but Bond comforts her. Casino Royale is located in the fictional French seaside resort of Royale-les-Eaux. Archived from the original on 18 May

Casino Royale () Movies, TV, Celebs, and more. The scenes are filmed in Karlovy Vary and Loket (Czech republic). Bond's Casino Royale scenes which. Casino Royale shares locations with many other films. Casino Royale film location: Bond and Vesper stay at the 'Hotel Splendide' in 'Montenegro': Grandhotel Pupp, Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic. Most of the film was shot in the Czech Republic (with sets at Prague's famous Barrandov.

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